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Fatima Nanda Sousa

About 4 yrs ago when I was lost, broken and hopeless God sent this man of God, Rev. Moses Sowale, into my life, to show me that God’s love conquers all of my obstacles. I am a single mom with 3 children (one teenager). Since meeting pastor Moses, I have been welcomed into the community of Grace Chapel Brockton and the Abigails’ women project.  In 2013, I got confirmation experience along with other four members. We were confirmed at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Boston. Also my three children got baptized on the Easter of 2015. Now I see life in whole different way. My daughters are members of the Brigade program and the Explorer and Curious Abigails, their lives have also been transformed.

Thank you Pastor Moses for introducing me to Jesus and to faith. Thank you for being my guidance, a father figure and most importantly my best friend. I pray for you and your family and that God continues to bless you and that you may continue your journey to change many people’s life in the same way that you have changed mines. I thank God for your life. I would also like to thank Mrs Comfort Sowale and all my sisters and friends of the Abigail’s project, for support, wisdom, well wishes, and prayers. I really appreciate this community and I feel blessed to have you all as part of my life. God bless.

Leilaamelia Barbosa

Growing up in a community that was once foreshadowed as a place of pain. I never had any idea that my life would change. Before attending or even hearing about Grace Chapel Church, I was just a lost soul.  I was over looked at the community as just a “failure” or at least I was in my eyes. I had never attended church or even knew what the bible consisted of. All I knew was there was a God and that was all. Throughout the pain in my eyes and my soul, I never came to forgive myself for the things I had done to get me where I was. I covered my pain through lies, heartbreak, and suffering. My life wasn’t the life I wanted and I knew that for a fact. A dear friend of mine, Fatima had asked me if I had ever gone to church and prayed about life to God.  She invited me to Grace Chapel. Faster than a blink of an eye. I met Rev. Moses. As of that day, my life changed forever. Rev. Moses created an environment in the church that was welcoming and peaceful to the heart.    My heart could not resist the love that the church had. Shortly after coming that first Sunday I never stopped. It became a home and place I loved and could pour my heart into. As a process of pouring my heart, I took the first step of getting baptized. My baptism was not only a day of renewal, it was a day I gave my life back to Jesus. I took the next step into confirmation and on May 30 of 2015, I got confirmed at St. Luke’s’ Scituate by Bishop Bud. Shortly after getting confirmed, I meet an amazing father that also impacted my life for the greater good, Bishop Alan Gates. His presence was a blessing and an opportunity to deepen and express my love for God. A year ago today as I sit here and write about my journey since I came to Grace Chapel. I must tell you that my life has changed and without Grace Chapel, in my life, I would not be this person I am today. I love Grace Chapel. It is my home.

“Dear Father, sometimes the challenges of life seem insurmountable. Help me to fix my eyes on You and trust You. I’m thankful You are bringing about Your good purposes in me.”

Love ,


Jessica Rowel

I’m grateful for my pastor, Rev. Moses Sowale. Thank you for crossing boundaries and coming into my life. Before you, I was a lost soul just existing on this earth. I had no goals or ambition to live. You changed that and made me a better person. You helped me find God again, whom without, I would not be here to write this. You were there for me through my baptism and confirmation and you married me to my best friend. You’ve been there every step of the way right beside me, guiding me down the right path. I love you more than words can explain and I will never stop until I take my last breath. And even then I will be loving you from heaven which is where I now know is where I’m going. I could go on but it would be too long of a status. Just know I thank you every day for crossing those boundaries.


Gretchen Umholtz

Grace Chapel amazes and delights me with wonderful pairings I have not experienced anywhere else.  Very free, active, open, and expressive styles of prayer and praise flower from deep roots in the traditional Anglican liturgy.  Rev. Moses and Fr. James preach authentic, accessible, practical, and inspiring sermons that, despite their simplicity, derive much of their truth and power from high-quality, disciplined scholarship and first-rate training, as well as heartfelt personal devotion.

I have been a member of Grace Chapel from its beginning, five years ago, and rejoice in its growth and flourishing.  I was away overseas for a year and when I came back it was as if the church had passed already from childhood to vigorous adolescence:  so many new people bringing their energy and talents and amazing life experiences, and such flowering in the skills, commitment, and service of members who had not previously held leadership roles.

  What makes all of this possible is Grace Chapel’s radical commitment to respecting who each person is, wherever they are in their life’s journey.  We are able to look at ourselves, and to interact with each other, with an honesty, flexibility, and openness that would not be possible without the deep confidence that we are beloved and worthy, respected and safe, in a place where we are known and seen as God’s unique creations, growing together in his love and service.