The Curious ages 11-19


We are The Curious Abigail’s, we are curious to learn about the world and our place in it.

In our modern world we have so much to learn and be curious about. We need all the guidance and support we can get find our way. We are eager to belong, to be valued and be listened to.

We are exploring relationships and making new friends. We are very concerned with our appearance, some of us are determined to be more in life than our immediate environment.

We are seeking positive role models to guide us in the right direction. We seek attention.

We want to be supported.

Emotional/Social Changes

Children in this age group might:

  • Start to form stronger, more complex friendships and peer relationships. It becomes more emotionally important to have friends, especially of the same sex.
  • Experience more peer pressure.
  • Become more aware of his or her body as puberty approaches. Body image and eating problems sometimes start around this age.
Thinking and Learning

Children in this age group might:

  • Face more academic challenges at school.
  • Become more independent from the family.
  • Begin to see the point of view of others more clearly.
  • Have an increased attention span.
Some of the challenges
  • Interpersonal drama, gossip, feeling and speaking negatively about each other
  • Peer pressure and the influence of our immediate environment
  • Poor self esteem and lack of self respect
  • Doing drugs
  • Single parent household
  • Having sexual relations to early
  • -Teen pregnancy (lack of sexual education)
  • Bullying