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The Explorers (Ages) 0-10

We are the first of the Abigails. We are exploring our environment, hence we are the explorers. As explorers we are searching our environment and all the people in it to guide us in this world.

We carry within us the fresh seed of divine and we are looking to society to validate the joy and love that is already within us.


We look to our parents, family, friends and immediate environment for our self esteem, our livelihood and to make the best decisions for us.

We are very energetic, honest, enthusiastic, unless taught to be otherwise. We seek to be loved, nourished and taught how to live in this world, through unconditional love, play and direct example.

Some of our challenges include:
  • Some of the negative personality traits we adopted from the womb
  • The unconsciousness and lack of education of our parents and those around us
  • Society and culture’s failure to properly welcome us with a spirit of love and trust
  • Lack of basic values education and spiritual understanding from those around us

We are eager to learn, love and discover new things every day with support.
We are the Abigail Project’s Explorer’s