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The Grounded 50+

The Grounded Group, are our women in their 50s. This stage of life provides for greater self awareness, reflection of their past choices and a development of self assurance.

Women at this stage have more self assurance based on the experiences they have acquired throughout their years. Due to the wisdom acquired through the years, women feel a responsibility to give to the next generation by becoming “go-to mentors”.

At this stage women realize that their 50s are not the end of their life, but there is still time to re-create life and move forward based on the reflection of their past.

Midlife is more of a transition than a phase of life.
In some instances some women now have the time to pursue their own goals and dreams. They also take other roles of living with their adult children or supporting their children as active grandparents.

  • Life reflection of past choices and experiences
  • Greater Self Confidence, trusting who they are and truly listening to their inner voice,\
  • Ability to pursue goals and dreams that were once forgotten, with a greater ability to move life in the direction desired
  • Empty-nester syndrome, may bring feelings of sadness and frustration
  • More positive body image at this stage
  • Perception of degenerative aging: older= undesirable in relationships, society and work