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The Courageous 30-50

courageousThe thirties plus group we consider as courageous. We are in a decade or permanence and establishing the status quo. This stage begins for most adults by growing a family, a predictable job, having a car and home. This period also allows for more financial stability and often first time home ownership.

The preparation in the 20’s resolve the thirties to be a more stable and a dependable decade. Routines become more of the norm. This is a ┬átime when adults are more mature and seemingly have their act together. Most adults in their thirties begin to enjoy the fruits of their labor and hard work from their twenties.

Why Your 30s + Matter and Challenges

  • Raise a family
  • Increase in income
  • Home ownership
  • Some will divorce
  • Increase in self-identity

Most women in this stage, who are also parents, are in the intense years of raising a family. It is necessary for all parents to look after their own physical, emotional and mental well-being while in the thick of raising a family. Women at this stage who are also parents have less free time and less social time than they had in their twenties.

If you are a 30+ single parent than your time is even more compromised raising a family on your own.

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