The Adventurous 20-30


We are the adventurous we are in our twenties. We are at time for establishing long-term intimate relationships, choosing a lifestyle and adjusting to it, deciding on a career and gaining the education and knowledge to execute our chosen occupation, as well as seeking love and managing friends and family. We are discovering ourselves. Our main focus is to  launch away from family of origin towards independence. This decade of our life is marked by five milestones:

  • Completing school
  • Leaving home
  • Becoming financially independent
  • Marrying or finding a lifelong mate
  • Having a child

There are a lot of uncertainties, challenges, changes, exploring and establishing in the twenties. No doubt this makes this stage of adulthood one that is more self-focused than any other time in an adult’s life. Despite the enormous period of self-discovering and carrying out one’s life, the twenties also embody anxiety, uncertainty, heartache, frustration, and loneliness. With the great positive and negative changes the twenties are truly a decade of ambivalence and stress.

Defining the Decade: Why Your 20's Matter
  • Move away from home
  • Graduations
  • Finding a job
  • Establishing a career
  • Finding love
  • Social life
  • Instability
  • Taking Risks
  • Explore identity
  • Self focus
  • Defining self
  • Choosing a life partner
  • Marriage
  • Begin a family
The Twenty Years

Emerging adulthood demands 20-something year olds to try out various possibilities. In this age of possibilities, optimism flourishes as emerging adults see themselves as having opportunities to transform their lives. At the same time, external struggles can sabotage dreams. This struggle of acquiring dreams and feeling defeated by dreams is part of the process all twenty year olds go through. In love, career, school, and living the twenties require a certain amount of emotional growing pain. Instability and the transient nature of the twenties begin to build a foundation for later adulthood. Learning how to cope with emotional pain, heartache, and disappointments develop coping skills that can be applied in the future.