Rev. Dr. Moses Sowale

Inspired by the vulnerability and courage of his own mother, Abigail Adefuye Sowale, Rev. Moses envisioned the Abigail's project to be a sacred space, for the enrichment of women of all ages, starting from cradle to grave. A grace filled son, friend, husband and father, Moses Sowale is a committed listener, mentor, evangelist, priest, counselor and a risk-taker, with the goal of creating spaces for wholeness and healing, where life's events can be truly claimed in all of it's beauty and blemishes. Moses is an active voice and witness for the oppressed, women's empowerment, youth development, care for the poor and deep respect for family values. His greatest goal in life is to tell his stories in all their glory and ashes, thereby giving others permission to embrace their own stories as sacred and by so doing, attain a place of wholeness.
Comfort Olufunmilayo Sowale
Mrs Comfort Olufunmilayo Sowale is the President of the Abigail’s project. She is a wife, a mother of 2 wonderful boys and a Registered Nurse by profession. Comfort has been in the women’s ministry from the time she was in college where she was the Sisters’ coordinator for the Christian Union fellowship. In Nigeria Anglican Communion, Comfort served in the mother’s Union and women organization as the coordinator of the women’s ministry in the church. She has a passion for women and children and loves to see women thrive spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially.
Clara Angelina Diaz
Project development consultant and workshop facilitator for the Abigail Project.
She is also a certified life and business coach, with a deep passion for empowering women to remember the power that is within them and applying that power with faith to their life's purpose. She has been working in the personal development field for the past 10 years, through her private coaching practice and non-profit organizations in Massachusetts. She has developed a number of women empowerment projects in Brockton, in partnership with The Family Center and Community Connections in Brockton. Some of the projects include the South Shore Leadership Conference, The Brockton Women's Leadership Program and Community Engagement Officer. She writes inspirational poetry and encouraging words regularly on her website However her most important job is raising and being an example to her daughter Angelina.
Rachel Yerokun
Grounded Leader
My name is Rachel Yerokun. I was born and raised in a Christian home. My late father was an Anglican Pastor and mother is a very dedicated church worker. Been born and raised in Christian home and lives in missionary home exposed me to what ordinary people goes through on a daily bases and challenges they faced.As a child my parents engraved in us hard work and giving our life to God service by helping less fortunate people.Now that l am here in this land l have make helping people my own personal mission to render myself for God work in whatever way how big or little it may be. I am nurse by profession for 18yrs l have worked in many capacities in my profession l have all helped people in attaining their goals as a nurse . My mission in life is helping and provide support to people as much as l can.
Dorothy Nyman
Golden Leader
A retired clinical psychologist, widowed mother of 3 and grandmother of 6. She recently moved back to MA after 40 years on the Maine coast, in order to be near her family.
Her professional life was spent counseling people with addictions and mental illness. She worked at Maine State Prison as college instructor in Social Science and administrator of the treatment and education program for addictions. As well as a private practice for individuals and families troubled with substance abuse issues, she was part of a state intervention team for evaluating habitual drunk driving offenders. She helped Pasamaquody and Penobscot Indians to establish their first professional counseling center and presented many workshops for schools and hospitals focusing on education, prevention and intervention for alcohol and drug abusers. In retirement, Ms Nyman continues to enjoy writing essays, poetry and biographical work and playing the piano. She is most interested in the spiritual and psychological aspects of aging, staying close to the healing power of the natural world and communicating with others about life philosophy and our spiritual journey