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The objective of this curriculum is in supporting our youngest group of girls to understand who they are and making good decisions, while being aware of their environment and the people in it. The majority of this curriculum is focused around fun activities that can allow the children to learn the concepts of: self-esteem, seeing mistakes as a way of learning, values, their relationship with God, valuing family, staying healthy and being an advocate for themselves while staying safe.
The curriculum is designed to be taught with a session a month or continuously week-to-week. Guidance for instructors are included because at the stage of young childhood, the most important factor in their learning is that it is done with love and attentiveness from the adult. The quote below summarizes what we want each child to take away from this program:
“With God, I can handle anything that comes up, I can go for what I want, and I can support others in getting what they want”

Guidance for Instructors:

● Be Attentive-When your child speaks to you give them eye contact and listen make them feel what they are saying is important to you.
● Make a child feel special-Praise children when they do a good job and also for trying hard. Tell children you’re proud of them when they put a lot of effort in something. Give complements and tell them that they are special.
● See the learning in mistakes– When a child makes a mistake turn the negative into a positive. Focus on what he/she learned from the mistake.
● Be a positive role model- If you are constantly hard on your-self, putting your self down or pessimistic your children will see that and may eventually copy those same feelings. This may lead to them to feel that way about themselves.
● Tune in to their feelings- Sometimes this can be hard especially when a child has done something wrong and you yourself get angry and when to yell and scream. Sometimes a child doesn’t understand what they have done