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The Adventurous Curriculum
Stage 3 (Women in their 19s-30s)

The Abigail Project

Adventurers Curriculum

Ages 19-30


Objective: The goals of this program are to empower young adult women to build their confidence, define their goals and go after them with support. The women will also learn about self-care and how they can support others while achieving their own goals.


Session 1: Program Introduction

-Introduce the purpose of the program; set yearly goals, select accountability partners.

Session 2: Believe in Yourself. Love Yourself. You are Worthy

Discussion question: Do you believe in yourself and do you love yourself? How? If not, why?

So you feel that you are worthy of your desires, why or why now?

Teaching: Discuss the theory of believe. Believes are formed through what we experience and what we are taught by others. Discuss the idea of innate worth, through being a child of God.

Self-love is born from knowing the truth about yourself, that you are love.

Activity: – Lets identify the believes that keep us from understanding who truly are.

-Do The Sedona Method Exercise to let those feelings go.

-Make a list of 10 things you can do in this upcoming month more deeply believe and love      yourself.

Session 3:  Recap Meeting with other groups

Session 4: Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Actions

Discussion questions: Do you consider yourself to be responsible? Why or why not?

Teaching: Definition of responsibility is the ability to respond appropriately. Discuss examples of responsible and irresponsible behavior. Share ways that one can be more responsible through preparation, commitment and support.

Activity: Let’s make a plan to be more responsible together. Is there any area of your life that you want to take more responsibility in? What is it describing it in detail? How can you be more responsible through preparation, commitment and calling support?

Session 5: Your Connection with God and Higher Power

Discussion question: When was the first time you thought about God? What role do you believe God plays in our lives?

Teaching: Introduce versus of the bible that explain who God is and his role in our lives.

Activity: Create a commitment this month to do something that will strengthen your relationship with God.

Session 6: Field trip retreat

Session 7: Healthy Relationships

Discussion: What do you believe makes up a healthy relationship? What does it mean to be in a relationship to someone or something?

Teaching: Define the terms healthy and to relate to something or someone in a healthy way. Define co-dependency and the term interdependence. Share ways that we can be more independent and also depend on each other and God.

Activity: Make a list of all the people that you have a relationship with, select three people you would like to work on improving your relationship. From the tips shared select one that you will commit to applying to better your relationship with the people you selected.

Session 8: Self Care and Nutrition

Discussion: What do you do to take care of yourself? Do you understand what good nutrition is?

Teaching: Explain what proper self-care is; proper hygiene, looking presentable, being around positive people, doing the right thing, exercise, eating well and spiritual support. Explain the food chart and the importance of eating healthy for proper development and performance.

Activity: Let’s make a plan together. What will you do this month to make sure your take better care of yourself? Make a list of 30 possible actions and commit to doing at least three

Session 9: Being Successful in School and Beyond

Discussion question: What does success mean to you? What would you like to be successful at?

Teaching: Share the definition of success. Success can be felt;  is achieved through clarity of what you want, setting up a plan to get what you want, following up and acting on the plan, having support, faith and knowing that you deserve to be successful, for the greatest good of all.

Activity: Working in pairs, let’s create a success plan for the next month. Describe something you want to be achieving in the upcoming month. This should be something that can be done in 30 days in any area of your life; relationships, hobbies, school, work, home or church. Write down what you will do in the next 30 days to achieve what you want. Help each other, when you run out of ideas.

Session 10: Getting the job you truly want

In this workshop we will conduct career counseling activities that include: Myers Briggs personality and skills assessment, resume and cover letter building and identifying websites where we can start searching for work.

Session 11: Building a Community of Support and Mentors

Discussion: Who are the people that support you? Do you have a mentor or mentors?

Teaching: Define what genuine support is, give examples? Describe what a mentor is and what a mentor does? Share why it is important to not go about things alone and how to find mentors who can support you in your life.

Activity: Make a list of people you know who can be a mentor, are mentors or have been mentors in the past. Make a list of the qualities these people share. Commit to having a conversation with one of these people and asking them if they would be willing to mentor you. Share with them your goals, ask them how they can support you in your goals or share with them specific needs you may have around achieving success.

Session 12: Abigail’s Project Celebration and Presentation. 


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