Abigail whose narrative is found in 1 Samuel 25, is a woman of many faces. Her wisdom, intervention, intercession, foresight, risk taking and prowess is outstanding. Despite the patriarchal domination of her time, Abigail took advantage of her own vulnerability and courageously stepped out in wisdom to confront her impending doom. Inspired by Abigail’s story, women of this ages can also thrive despite all challenges surrounding them. The Abigail’s project provides an enriching space for all women beginning at childhood age to adulthood.

Our Programs



The Explorers (Ages) 0-10
We are the first of the Abigails. We are exploring our environment, hence we are the explorers. As explorers we are searching our environment and all the people in it to guide us in this world.



The Curious ages 11-19
We are The Curious Abigail’s, we are curious to learn about the world and our place in it. In our modern world we have so much to learn and be curious about.



The Adventurous 20-30
We are the adventurous we are in our twenties. We are at time for establishing long-term intimate relationships, choosing a lifestyle and adjusting to it, deciding on a career and gaining the education and knowledge to execute



The Courageous 30-50
The thirties plus group we consider as courageous. We are in a decade or permanence and establishing the status quo. This stage begins for most adults by growing a family, a predictable job, having a car and home.



The Grounded Group, are our women in their 50s. This stage of life provides for greater self awareness, reflection of their past choices and a development of self assurance.



The Golden Group are our women in their 60s. Women at this stage are entering into the transition of late adulthood and perceived aging.